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Golf Course Information

Waveland Golf Course celebrated 100 years in 2001! It is the oldest municipal golf course west of the Mississippi. 

Screenshot_2023-05-03_at_8This 18 hole course was built in 1901 and has a traditional layout. Waveland, 

probably the nicest municipal course in the state of Iowa, is located at 

4908 University Avenue in Des Moines.  The feature that sets Waveland apart

from the other two Des Moines public courses is the incredible amount 

of slope. The entire course is built on wooded hillsides. The trees are 

mature, a given for a course of this age. As expected, a golfer needs to be 

accurate at Waveland. The course isn’t overwhelmingly long but continuous 

play in the trees might make it feel that way. For men, the course measures just

over 6500 yards. Even with the difficulty of the course there are 

still over 40,000 rounds of golf played at Waveland annually.  Many people 

consider hole number three, sometimes referred to as “The Tunnel”, to be 

the toughest at Waveland. There are trees and water to the right of the tee

and a deep valley between you and the green. A golfer must deal with water

a second time before reaching the green, guarded by trees on both sides. The 

greens are in excellent condition, but tend to be on the fast side and are often

difficult to read. Sand traps are limited, due to the amount of hills and trees. The 

fairways offer many different kinds of lies: uphill, down hill and side hill.  The golf course also has several blind 

shots, but don't worry; the golf course has state of arc GPS Technology.  Along with the trees, the rough is 

relatively high.  It often fills the space in between the fairways which may frustrate those with a hook or slice in 

their shot. Approximately 70 percent of Waveland golfers utilize one of the course’s 72 golf carts which is

 understandable considering the hilly terrain. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t master this course right away. 

Even experienced golfers who attempt this difficult layout for the first time feel frustrated. The clubhouse is a

vintage 1940′s red brick building. It has excellent food and a full banquet hall and pro shop. The clubhouse has 

a calming and pleasant atmosphere, ideal for chatting with fellow golfers or checking out the newest equipment.